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More and more people are sending money to Nigeria with mobile apps, a trend which is set to continue.

Prior to COVID-19, mobile and online remittances made up only 15-20% of the total with the majority being sent offline through physical stores. The pandemic has accelerated the move by customers to mobile money sending apps, like Oya Money Transfer, with more people now embracing the advantages of sending money on their mobile phones.

So, what are the advantages of sending money to Nigeria using a mobile app? Below we list some of the key advantages of using the Oya App when sending money.

  • Saving you time. No more waiting in line. Transfer money with a few taps on your phone from the comfort of your home, or anywhere, then get on with your day
  • It’s really fast. Your money is sent instantly to your recipient’s bank and is typically in their account in under 15 minutes (depending on their bank)
  • It’s transparent. You get real time status updates on your phone and by email about your transfer, so you know exactly where your money is. All your previous transactions are displayed in the app if you need a quick reminder
  • More value. With market leading rates and a low, flat transfer fee you can get more Naira for your Pounds when you send money using Oya
  • It’s safe. With Biometric ID for added app security, data encryption and real time transaction monitoring your money is always safe.

How the Oya App Works

  • Download the Oya app and sign up. It’s free and takes less than 5 minutes to sign up
  • Enter recipient details and amount. We will always show you the live rate and fee before you decide to make the transfer. And your rate will be guaranteed
  • Pay securely. Pay using your Visa or MasterCard debit card
  • Transfer underway. Money from our local bank partner, Wema Bank, is instantly sent to your recipient’s bank
  • Money received. Usually delivered into your recipient’s account in under 15 minutes, depending on their bank. We will keep you updated on progress with real time notifications on your phone and by email

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