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Money Transfer

A look at the exchange rates: Oya versus other major money transfer operators

A look at the exchange rates: Oya versus other major money transfer operators 26th October 2020 Sending money to Nigeria can be stressful. You have to check the exchange rates from different providers in order to figure out if they are giving you a good deal or charging you hidden fees in their exchange rates […]

Avatar Pic Suzy Toth, October 27, 2020
Money Transfer

Hidden fees in the exchange rate: A look at the UK money transfer market

You may have noticed that at Oya we really care about being transparent about how much we charge our customers. That’s why we don’t add any hidden fees (also known as ‘exchange rate margin’ or ‘mark-up’) to our exchange rate and we also offer our customers a clear, fixed transfer fee (£1.99) irrespective of how […]

Avatar Pic Suzy Toth, October 15, 2020
Money Transfer

What Makes the Pound to Naira Exchange Rate Fluctuate?

Whether you are on the receiving end of Naira in Nigeria from someone in the UK or on the sending end of Pounds to someone you love in Nigeria, you might have wondered why the exchange rate between the British Pound (GBP) to Nigerian Naira (NGN) always fluctuates. I have also asked myself this same […]

Avatar Pic Oya Admin, October 6, 2020
Money Transfer

Send Money to Nigeria with the Oya Mobile App

If you are planning to send money from the UK to friends and family in Nigeria, its important to know that your money will be safe and delivered quickly while you get more Naira for your Pounds with a great exchange rate and low transfer fee. Oya Money Transfer is a new mobile app designed […]

Avatar Pic Suzy Toth, October 2, 2020
Money Transfer

Why do Nigerians send money back home?

Nigerians are everywhere. I bet, if you stood in any city or town centre and played a Wizkid song, a Nigerian would appear. From Malaysia to Brazil, Nigerians are present across the globe and ever so much more here in the UK. In 2018, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimated 205,000 Nigerian-born people living […]

Avatar Pic Oya Admin, April 16, 2020
Money Transfer

Volopa launches Oya, the UK’s first mobile remittance service designed exclusively for the 1 million+ Nigerian community living in the UK

15th April 2020, LONDON: Financial technology company Volopa today announced the launch of its new mobile money transfer service designed exclusively for the more than 1 million people who make up the UK based Nigerian community. Allowing customers in the UK to send money home to Nigeria from the comfort of their own home, without […]

Avatar Pic Oya Admin, April 16, 2020